Sweden overview

Sweden Travel Guide
From the far northern reaches of the S?mi culture, to the thriving megalopolis of Stockholm, Sweden is a destination teeming with natural wonders, cultural extravagance, and a fascinating history. Boasting a selection of Europe’s most intriguing cities, Sweden is undoubtedly the jewel on the Scandinavian crown. Its rich Viking history is still prevalent today within many major cities, and in particular along the Baltic coastline. However, the country’s alluring features certainly don’t end there. Historical townships such as Skane, Gamla Stan and Visby portray fascinating glimpses of Sweden’s exhilarating past, while providing contemporary entertainment for tourists. Alternatively, visitors can experience the true essence of Mother Nature in areas like Lappland and Bohuslan Coast. If night attractions are more your thing, then Sweden is the place for you. Sweden’s larger cities are swarming with electrifying clubs and pulsating bars. A night out will surely be a memorable one; until the next morning at least!